Welcome to the online home of my writing and related literary endeavors. I'm a writer of fiction and nonfiction, with a number of essays published by the Paris Review and other literary journals. I'm also the founder of the Folio Club, an independent publishing project, and a longtime staff member of Yale University Press.

Although the fellow pictured above is not me, judging from his activity it's a fairly safe bet he's a kindred spirit. This site presents a selection of my work that can be read online. I hope you enjoy it.

Robert Pranzatelli
Winter 2022


Paris Review essays
La Couture Comique (on Belle Époque artist Lucien Métivet)
Les Combats Modernes (on Métivet's World War One cartoons)
Moebius and the Key of Dreams (on French comics artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud)
Max de Radiguès and the Difficult Age (on the contemporary Belgian graphic novelist)
Visual Magicians in the Hills of Connecticut (on John Kane's photography of Pilobolus and Momix)

Folio Club short stories
String Quartet 
The Museum Café
Préludes (in French)

Essays on literature and the arts
On Poetic Prose (from Yale Italian Poetry)
On Nabokov's Definition of Art (from The Nabokovian)
Hergé & Tintin: An Appreciation
A Day in New York (on Andy Warhol)
The Triumph of Comedy (on Oscar Wilde)
Virginia Woolf
Mark Twain
Elizabeth Bishop
Revisiting E. M. Forster
Scaling Mount Proust
Luc Métivet


Image by Onsmith.

All original materials on this site, including my writings and original photography, as well as the images by the artist Onsmith created for the Folio Club, are copyrighted material. All rights reserved.

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