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The Folio Club—Issue Number One
The Folio Club debuts with a 96-page issue that showcases five artful prose narratives. Blondie songwriter Romy Ashby discovers the perfect donut, and a vanishing world, in Brooklyn; writer Mark Saba transforms childhood illness, love for an Italian grandmother, and romance in Ireland into finely honed fiction and nonfiction; Robert Pranzatelli traces esoteric realities within a shopping mall and an otherworldly nightscape through two unusual short stories; and artist Onsmith contributes seven fun, freaky drawings along with a vibrant full-color wraparound cover that bibliophiles won’t want to miss.
(ISBN 978-1449549954 / 96 pages)

The Folio Club—Issue Number Two
The Folio Club returns with an unforgettable tale set in Japan. Also: a search for love leads to Budapest; philosophy and spirituality float freely for a young woman on the west coast; and a long-ago day in New York resurfaces, replete with Andy Warhol. All this plus a quartet of provocative drawings by cover artist Onsmith, whose full-color celebration of books and spring wraps around the issue.
(ISBN 978-1451555608 / 86 pages)

The Folio Club—Issue Number Three
The third Folio Club brims with colorful characters and off-kilter situations: comical drama in the streets, odd behavior in the office, and strange, unexpected memories charged with emotion. It includes three true tales of New York past by Romy Ashby, new fiction from Mark Saba and Robert Pranzatelli, a whimsical picture-story by Lilli Carré, and six new drawings by Onsmith, plus his brilliant wraparound cover.
(ISBN 978-1453773154 / 84 pages)

The Folio Club—Issue Number Four
String quartets, operas, almost-love, Pittsburgh, New York, Paris, one young woman’s intimations of oncoming adulthood and another young woman’s intimations of mortality—these and other themes spin through the intriguing tales in the fourth Folio Club, with its delightful cover art by Onsmith out in front—and several brilliantly disturbing images by the same artist, in a dramatically different mode, inside. 
(ISBN 978-1461130642 / 84 pages)

The Folio Club—Issue Number Five
Praised by readers as diverse and accomplished as New Yorker cover artist Ivan Brunetti and Pilobolus director-choreographer Matt Kent, the Folio Club brings forth its fifth issue, more than a year in the making, displaying all the attributes that have made the series noteworthy: a brilliant new picture-story by Lilli Carré; eloquent and moving short fiction by Mark Saba, Peter Sims, and Robert Pranzatelli; two gemlike essays, lyrical and hilarious, by Romy Ashby; and the exhilarating ingenuity of Onsmith, whose wraparound cover celebrates the creative process of visual artists and is matched inside by an exclusive selection of pages from his sketchbook. 
(ISBN 978-1475000936 / 90 pages)

The Folio Club—Issue Number Six
Wrapped in another great Onsmith original, a delightful depiction of one of the ways stories are made, this sixth issue features brilliant drawings by Bosnian-born printmaker Sanya Glisic (including a dynamic collaboration with Onsmith that morphs between abstract and representational art); a dreamlike tale in French and English by Robert Pranzatelli; a charming autobiographical story by Mark Saba; and much more.  
(ISBN 978-1480209046 / 88 pages)

The Folio Club—The Drawing Issue
For this very special issue, the Folio Club reversed its usual proportions of text and art, to devote itself to the visual. The Drawing Issue features dozens of stunning black-and-white drawings by an impressive array of artists, and was excerpted twice on the Paris Review’s blog. Learn more about its remarkable contents here.  
(ISBN 978-1499168372 / 92 pages)

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