Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Métivet

For those who enjoyed my post last month about French artist Lucien Métivet, here is a follow-up. You can now view many more images by Métivet, including examples of his poster art, cartoons, magazine covers, advertising art, and book illustration, all in one place: here. It’s a Tumblr page dedicated to Métivet, started by me, as a way to show the range of his work and hopefully encourage further appreciation of his legacy. I plan to continue to add images as I find further examples of his art online.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unveiling the New Cover

One of the great pleasures that comes with the arrival of a new issue of The Folio Club is the unveiling of the latest fabulous wraparound cover by Onsmith, and our new issue is no exception.

For this fourth cover, the bibliophile theme of the first three issues has been not so much abandoned as transformed: we spy a notebook lying on the chest of a reclining daydreamer, where it waits to be filled with inspired creations and the reveries of a blue-skied day. Not coincidentally, The Folio Club itself is filled with inspired creations, so please be sure to grab this latest issue. You can order it from Amazon (linked via the thumbnail image at the top right of this blog), request it from B&N, or (certainly best of all) visit your favorite independent bookseller and ask them to stock it. Happy Reading!