Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring is here, and...

A few kind souls have inquired recently as to the status of the fourth issue of The Folio Club. It is happily complete and will be released in the coming weeks, in late May or early June. Artful things fill its pages: literary string quartets, fiery and sublime nights at the opera, self-destructing supernatural women, delicate human moments, memories of Paris, and many surprising treats, so please plan to add it to your late spring or early summer reading list.

For now, here is a tantalizing detail from the wraparound cover art, about which I shall otherwise keep you in suspense. Look for the full image to appear in the near future, and know that in our own upside-down and head-in-the-clouds way the Folio Club and its readers have blue skies ahead.

Image by Onsmith.

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